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In some areas the grass is more than a yard high.

Some roses look like waterfalls tumbling over
fences and walls.

Or down some trees.

Other plants climb up with a vengeance.

The honeysuckle blossoms are getting ready for
their great performance .

Colourful accents.

Orange accents.

White accents.

Some meadows have already been mown.

This year there will be more peas than in 2021.
Back then for some reason I got only a very small
handful of pods.

Roses in my garden.

I still have to find out what type of plant this one
is. It has been living here a few years longer than
I have.

View from the shaded area up into the treetops.

My asparagus from a distance, in front of it you
can see the potato pots.

Close-up of the asparagus berries.

An annual present from Mother Nature.

Let's see how much time the tomatoes will need
this year to turn red. Apparently my garden is a
bit too cold for them this year they live in the
grow box.

In contrast, the hydrangea seems to be very happy
with the overall situation.

Mini cardboard easel.

The flowers were allowed to relax for a day and a
half in this pickle jar.

Mein Fokus vom 21. Juni bis zum 1. August

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